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Top 10 Web Business Directories

Posted on : 13-03-2010 | By : admin | In : Uncategorized


Criterias we were guided by, selecting the best 10 directories:
- public opinion, authority and popularity of directory
- moderation quality, correspondence of registered sites with choosen categories
- SEO statistics
- directory age and history
- domain name and a whole site evaluation
While fulfilling this task we were trying to act ably and without bias. GreatDirectories.org is not a co/owner of any of the 10 directories, mentioned above and is not interested in popularization of these projects.


Undisputed leader of the TOP 10 web directories is Open Directory Project (dmoz.org). This is the largest trustworthy human-edited directory in the Internet. Founded by Rich Skrenta and Bob True as early as 1998, dmoz.org is now the leading multilingual open content directory of Web. Such recognition was won due to fair (non-commercial) moderation of registered sites by community of volunteer editors, a huge number of categories and subcategories that facilitate searching necessary sites and a large list of registered, carefully reviewed websites.

2 www.lii.org

Librarians’ Internet Index (Lii.org) is one of the oldest web directories, founded in 1994 as California project that afterwards took on national and later global significance. Lii.org have been enriching its base with the new high-quality websites for more than 10 years. Every Thursday each Lii.org subscriber gets a free newsletter (e-mail or RSS) which features new selection of thematically grouped websites. Well-tuned RSS and e-mail distribution of recently added websites and perfect standing are main advantages of Lii.org great directory.

3 dir.yahoo.com

Yahoo Directory is a general great directory, owned by the world-famous Yahoo search engine. This directory is one of the best paid directories in the Web. Listing in Yahoo Directory costs $299 per month. The given web directory is being visited by a huge number of people from USA, as well as from many other countries.

4 www.vlib.org

Vlib.org is the oldest Web catalogue, founded by Tim Berners-Lee (also known as one of the HTML creators) in 1991. It’s guided by free association of volunteers. Each volunteer is responsible for for a particular area/category in which he is an expert. This web catalogue had a number of mirrors run at various locations over the time of its existence. At the present time one of the most Vlib.org longstanding mirrors is being run by Dave Stevens in the UK.

5 www.business.com

Business.com is a tremendous project that combines Internet search engine and web directory. Created in 1999 by Jake Winebaum, it has become the largest paid directory in the Web. Every month it’s being visited by 6 million people. The Business.com results are given as a combination of specified categories, sponsored links and text-matching webpages ( taken from Google in 2006). Registration in Business.com costs $199 per year.

6 www.botw.org

Best of the Web (botw.org) is one of the first web directories, founded by Brandon Plewe in 1994. Best of the Web distinguishes itself due to high standard of listings, stainless, time-proved reputation and huge traffic. Despite the fact that the given directory is paid, all the sites suggested here are being strictly moderated and thus ensure high quality information stored in the directory. Best of the Web has its own Affiliate Program.

7 www.stpt.com

Starting point – general directories is one of the first free directories in the Internet (since 1995). This great directory represents a very usable, dynamic site with a huge number of categories and subcategories. The listing fee – $99 per one calendar year. What is remarkable is that stpt.com does not accept the following sites for submission: Adult/Pornography, Blogs, Directories.

8 www.webworldindex.com

Web World Directory (webworldindex.com) is a free great directory that springs from 2001. There are 2 types of listings here – Free and Premium (premium listing fee is $25). Web World Directory contains a vast base of articles, blogs and allows submitting articles dedicated to webmasters.

9 www.dirjournal.com

Directory Journal (dirjournal.com) is a skilfully developed general web directory that has appropriate collection of authentic directory listings, articles and blogs.This great web directory is paid and offers a one year and permanent submission.

10 www.jayde.com

Jayde.com direcory, founded in 1996 is one of the oldest business directories in the Internet. Jayde.com is a completely human edited directory that has a huge number of unique business websites (more than 2 million) carefully classified into categories (about 277,660 clear categories). Besides, this great business directory has unique serach system based on “ClickRelevance” algorithmic concept that provides high-quality search.

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