Tuesday, May 26, 2020
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China Sourcing Reports

Get exclusive in-depth profiles of leading manufacturers in China from these reports published by Global Sources (www.globalsources.com). These profiles are gathered through onsite factory tours and exhaustive interviews with senior managers conducted by an experienced team of research analysts.

  • Car MP3 Players

  • LED Light Fixtures

  • Golf Cars & Trolleys

  • Children's Wear

  • Mini Component Systems

  • USB Flash Drives

  • Writing Instruments

  • Solar Panels

  • Portable Media Players

  • Compact Fluorescent Lamps

  • Lithium Batteries

  • Digital Photo Frames

  • Power Hand Tools

  • Small Kitchen Appliances

  • Doors

  • Flat-panel TVs

  • Handsfree Kits

  • Pet Products

  • Widescreen LCD Monitors

  • VoIP Phones


Can't find the product you are looking for?Check here for all report titles.

Search the Buy USA Market Research Library

Search for country and market reports from the extensive Buy USA database, a product of the US Commercial Service.

Economist.com Surveys

The respected British newsweekly provides country, business, and finance surveys. Updated on a rotating basis, each of these surveys offer a good overview of the topic covered.

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