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PIERS Trade Intelligence
 Business-critical news and in-depth analysis on topics shippers need to know such as the SOLAS container weight rule, trans-Pacific negotiations, freight rates, carrier alliances and more! “ is my window to the world of shipping. Keeping pace within our industry is a daily challenge; the JOC staff provides solid streams of information. It would be a lonelier place without that support.”- Joseph Saggese, Executive Managing Director, North Atlantic Alliance Association Click Here to Subscribe

TradePort Facilitates Global Trade

TradePort is a repository of free information and resources for businesses involved in all aspects of global trade. Created in 1996, TradePort is supported by an alliance of public and private sector trade promotion service organizations in California that assist businesses and their foreign counterparts in bilateral trade and investment opportunities.  

TradePort Collaborator

tradeport collaborator
The TradePort Collaborator is an online private community of trade promotion service specialists from non-profit organizations and government agencies located throughout California. This intranet is designed to act as a central source of qualified expertise, information, intelligence and contacts that these specialists can utilize to better serve small to mid-sized exporters and importers in California. Discover it >>

Developing Export Strategy

Direct Exporting
Manufacturer’s Representative or Sales Agent
Foreign Distributor / Importer
Overseas Retailers
Central Trade Offices and Trading Companies

Indirect Exporting
Domestic Intermediary
     Export Management Company (EMC)
     Export Trading Company (ETC)
         Advantages of Using EMCs / ETCs
         Potential Disadvantages of Using an EMC / ETC
Overseas Intermediary
Other Intermediaries
     Piggyback Marketing
     Export Merchants
     Corporate Presence

Alternative Distribution Approaches
Joint Ventures
Strategic Alliances

Finding Trade Leads
Government Agencies & Sources
     Unites States Department of Commerce (DOC)
     Unites States Department of Agriculture (USDA)
       Unites States Agency for International Development (USAID)
     Unites States Trade Development Agency (USTDA)
State and Local Governments
Private Agencies and Sources
Television and Motion Pictures
Electronic Media

Finding an Overseas Representative
Agent or Distributor?
     Use and Agent
     Use a Distributor
Compile Potential Representative List
Government Assistance Programs
Private Agencies and Sources
Electronic Resources and Other Media
Contacting Potential Representatives
Evaluating Potential Representatives
Background Information on the Representative
Third Party Evaluations
Bank and Trade References
Current Business References
World Traders Data Report and Commercial Credit Reports
Draft and Execute Agreements

Managing and Motivating Distributors
Quality Products and Exclusivity
     Quality Products
Sales, Prices and Profit Potential
Effective Communications
     Periodic Visits
After-Sale Service
Collaborative Work Effort
Recognition and Sales Conferences
     Sales Conferences

Pursuing International Bid Opportunities
Multilateral Development Banks (MDBs)
     The MDB Project Cycle
     Participating in MDB Financed Developments
Unites States Agency for International Development (USAID)
Other Agencies and Programs
     Unites States Trade and Development Agency (USTDA)
     United Nations (UN)
     Defense Security Cooperation Agency (DSCA)

Traveling to Overseas Markets
Travel Documents
Medical Preparation
Cultural Factors
Target Market Distinctions

Cultural Business Variables
Cultural Negotiating
Travel Tips

Promoting the Product
Campaign Control
     Centralized Promotional Efforts   
     Decentralized Promotional Efforts
Means of Advertising
     Direct Mail
     Media Advertising
     Trade Fairs, Trade Missions, and Catalog Exhibitions
     Multilateral Development Banks (MDB)
     Web Marketing: Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Search Engine Marketing
     (SEM), Social Media / Social Networks


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TradePort visitors are a targeted group of business professionals involved in some aspect of global trade seeking information, opportunities, products and services.

SMEs and Global Supply Chain

The position of California's small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) as important contributors to the state's balance of trade is threatened by recent changes in the broader trade environment. 

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TradePort Events Sponsor Program

The Monterey Bay International Trade Association (MBITA) in association with  is embarking on a thorough event schedule for 2010 featuring information, solutions and topics that  small to mid-sized enterprises (SMEs)  require to grow their companies and remain competitive in our difficult, demanding and challenging global economy.

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