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Glossary of Trade & Shipping Terms - J

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  • j. & w.o. - Jettison and washing overboard
  • J.C.C. - Joint Cargo Committee
  • J.C.R.A. - Joint Common Risks Agreement
  • J.H.C. - Joint Hull Committee
  • J.H.F. - Joint Hull Formula
  • J.H.I.U. - Japanses Hull Insurers' Union
  • J.H.U. - Joint Hull Understandings
  • J/A - Joint Account
  • Japan Corporate Program - The Japan Corporate Program was initiated (by the U.S. Department of Commerce) to help increase U.S. exports to Japan. The program was initiated in January 1991, following selection of 20 companies to participate in a five-year pilot project to improve U.S. knowledge of, and access to, the Japanese market. As part of the five-year commitment to the program, the companies arrange four visits a year to Japan, including two by their chief executives; publish their product literature in Japanese; participate in at least one trade promotion event in Japan each year; and modify products to enhance consumer acceptance and promote sales in Japan. Commerce supports the 20 firms with market data, arranges introductory meetings with prospective Japanese buyers, and recommends market development strategies.
  • Japan Development Bank - The Japan Development Bank was founded in 1951 to aid in developing and diversifying the Japanese economy. The JDB is a non-profit organization owned entirely by the Japanese Government. U.S. companies may participate in JDB funding activity under the Bank's Loan Division in the International Department. The International Department disburses loans to foreign companies under two primary loan programs: Promotion of Foreign Direct Investment in Japan and Facilities for Import Products. The other loan programs of JDB are also available to foreign-owned companies under the principle of equal treatment of clients regardless of nationality.
  • Japan Export Information Center - The Japan Export Information Center (JEIC) provides information on doing business in Japan, market entry alternatives, market information and research, product standards and testing requirements, tariffs and non-tariff barriers. The Center maintains a commercial library and participates in private- and government-sponsored seminars on doing business in Japan. JEIC is operated by the International Trade Administration of the Department of Commerce. (202-482-2425 and 202-482-4524; fax: 202-482-0469)
  • Japan External Trade Organization - Although legally under the aegis of the Ministry of International Trade and Industry (MITI), JETRO administers the export programs of the Japanese Government independently. MITI subsidizes about 60 percent of JETRO's total annual expenditures and, technically, has final decision-making authority over JETRO management and programs. Originally established to help Japanese firms export, JETRO also assists American companies seeking to export to Japan and promotes Japanese direct investment in the United States and U.S. direct investment in Japan.
  • Japan International Cooperation Agency - JICA administers the bilateral grant portion of Japan's Official Development Assistance (ODA). JICA covers both: (a) grant aid cooperation (offered without the obligation of repayment) and (b) technical cooperation (offering trainees, experts, equipment, project-type technical cooperation, and development studies). The Agency was established in August 1974; headquarters are in Tokyo, Japan. See: Export-Import Bank of Japan Overseas Economic Cooperation Fund.
  • JCIT - Joint Committee for Investment and Trade
  • JDB - Japan Development Bank
  • JEIC - Japan Export Information Center
  • JETRO - Japan External Trade Organization
  • JETRO - Japan External Trade Organization
  • jetsam - Cargo thrown overboard in order to lighten a ship, and washed ashore.
  • Jett. - Jettison
  • jettison - The throwing overboard of cargo to lighten a ship in order to save the ship and its contents.
  • jetty - A structure projecting out to sea, designed to protect a port from waves but also used to berth ships.
  • JEXIM - The Export-Import Bank of Japan
  • jib - Arm of a crane which extends outwards. At one end hangs the hook used for lifting goods.
  • JICA - Japan International Cooperation Agency
  • JIS - Japanses industrial standards
  • Joint Committee for Investment and Trade - The JCIT, was established in October 1990 to demonstrate U.S. and Mexican commitment to greater economic cooperation. The Committee identifies trade and investment opportunities and coordinates trade promotion events.
  • Joint Publication Research Service - See: Foreign Broadcast Information Service.
  • Joint Venture - A business undertaking in which more than one firm share ownership and control of production and/or marketing.
  • JPRS - Joint Publication Research Service
  • jumboising - Conversion of a ship to increase its cargo area capacity by dividing the ship and adding a new section.
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